Core Maths

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Core Maths

Level 3 Certificate

Core Maths is a new course for those who want to develop their valuable maths skills, but do not want to study the same level of algebra that is in A Level Mathematics. It is different to GCSE Maths because it is often in the context of real-life situations and requires you consider what approach you are going to take to solve the problems.

This is a one-year course which will enable students to achieve a Level 3 qualification in mathematics worth up to 20 UCAS points in the new 2017 tariff (equivalent to an AS Level).

Entry Requirements

You need to have a Grade 4 or above in GCSE Mathematics. Please note:
-Core Maths cannot be taken alongside A Level Mathematics.
-Core Maths is a one-year course, so there will be no opportunity to continue this subject into Year 13.

For more information please contact
Mr A Bissell, KS5 Maths Coordinator