Core Maths


Core Maths


Core Maths is a new course for those who want to develop their valuable maths skills, but do not want to study the same level of algebra that is in A Level Mathematics. It is different from GCSE Maths because it is often in the context of real-life situations and requires you consider what approach you are going to take to solve the problems.


This is a one-year course which will enable students to achieve a Level 3 qualification in mathematics worth up to 20 UCAS points in the new 2017 tariff (equivalent to an AS Level).


Core Maths has been designed to be useful in day-to-day work in many different careers and to develop real-life skills. Core Maths would help businesses or engineers to make estimates quickly and accurately, while also helping journalists or politicians to understand and think critically about statistics. It will support the analysis of data in other A Level subjects – in particular; Geography, Business, Biology, Sociology, Psychology and Health and Social Care. It will also give learners the mathematical skills to tackle problems in a variety of authentic situations.

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Miss E Barraclough Douglass, KS5 Maths Coordinator