Further Maths


Further Maths


Further Mathematics is for strong mathematics students who are interested in abstract mathematical ideas, such as infinity and imaginary numbers, and enjoy solving challenging problems. This is incredibly valuable should you want to study a Maths-related degree, such as Mathematics, Physics, Economics or Engineering. If you are considering applying to Oxford or Cambridge or a Russell Group university, the Further Maths A level will make your application stand out from the crowd, as universities recognise it as a challenging and relevant qualification.


There are many other benefits to studying Further Mathematics:

  • Students who study Further Maths achieve, on average, one grade higher in their Maths A level than other students with the same GCSE average points score on entry. Studying Further Maths also improves students’ grades in other subjects (especially in Physics, where many of the ideas in Mechanics overlap).
  • Further Maths is a mandatory entry requirement for many Maths degrees.
  • Some universities reduce offers and offer bursaries for students who have studied Further Mathematics, to encourage them to apply to their institution.
  • Further Maths will make the first year of Maths-related degrees much more accessible.
  • Further Maths is interesting and challenging and increases students’ enjoyment of Maths, giving a broader view of what it means to work mathematically, and what mathematicians do.
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