Graphic Design


Graphic Design


This Edexcel BTEC Level 3 will introduce you to the expansive world of graphic design and illustration. The course will encourage you to explore a range of graphic processes and introduce you to professional practice using industry standard software.


Throughout your study, you will be challenged to create innovative designs to a high standard that will result in an exhibition at the end of year two.


The course can be taken as a Subsidiary Diploma, developed over two years; this is the equivalent of one A level. Alternatively, a Certificate can be achieved in one year during your time in Year 12.


BTEC Level 3 will also complement other creative A Level Courses delivered across the College. You will create a fantastic portfolio of work that will be invaluable for future entry onto university courses.


So if you are interested in a career as a graphic designer, brand developer, graphic illustrator, typographer,  printmaker, art worker, advertising designer, copywriter, graphic artist, web designer, freelance designer and much, much more, this could is course for you.

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Mr J Baldwin, Graphics Teacher