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A Level

A Level History at Bodmin College can be the gateway to further and higher education as a main or supplementary subject, or to support an application for many other degree courses in particular, degrees in Politics, International Relations, Law, and of course History. It can also lead to opportunities in many professions, in particular law, journalism, publishing, information organisation and analysis, management, banking and education. Other opportunities are heritage management and marketing, research, archaeology, archive and museum work and teaching. Employers value the skills acquired which can be readily applied in different career situations.

Entry Requirements

GCSE History is preferable, although not necessary and you should have a good standard of written English. Above all, we require commitment, a sense of responsibility and a willingness to work hard, ask why? And argue! At Bodmin College, teachers welcome students from different backgrounds. We are aware of the ways in which skills have been developed at GCSE and the different assessment methods used by all of the GCSE syllabuses. This enables us to teach A Level History in the best way to help all students succeed.

For more information please contact
Miss R Littlewood, Head of History