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A Level

Mathematics at Bodmin College is a highly regarded A Level which complements science based subjects and offers a broad balance to arts based students. You need to complete A Level Maths to do the following BSc degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Physics, Accountancy and Engineering. It is also considered a ‘facilitating subject’ for many other degrees. People with A Level Mathematics are in high demand and currently a large percentage of employers state that they are having trouble recruiting people with strong mathematics skills. Recent research shows that those with A Level Mathematics earn on average 10% more than those without it.

Entry Requirements

You need to have Grade 6 or above in GCSE Maths and you will be asked to sit a test during the first few weeks of September to check that you have the algebraic understanding that is assumed knowledge for the course.

For more information please contact
Mr A Bissell, KS5 Maths Coordinator