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A Level

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. It examines how humans (and some other animals) act in the way they do. Because of the discussion-based nature of the subject, it is recognised as a valuable A Level by both employers and most universities. This course is taught to allow students to progress to BSc (Hons) Psychology courses as well as a range of careers. These include: advertising; education; the media; business; uniformed services; personnel; retail and public services, such as: the police force, nursing and social work. Depending on future career aspirations there are a number of subjects that complement Psychology, including English Literature, English Language, Media Studies, Biology and Philosophy and Ethics.

The Psychology A Level course at Bodmin College will introduce you to the theories and methods of psychology. It offers the opportunity to look at some of the explanations psychologists use to understand humans and their interactions with the world. You are not expected to invent your own theories; but to apply, analyse and understand the views of practising psychologists.

Entry Requirements

Prior experience of psychology is not necessary, but a good basis of GCSE passes will be an advantage, in particular a minimum of a C grade in Maths and Sciences and a B in English. Students are expected to work well independently and be able to write critically and fluently. There is plenty of opportunity for group discussion.

For more information please contact
Mrs E Seward-Adams, Assistant Principal